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Coco Chanel was one of the most iconic Fashion Designers of the twentieth century. She loved luxury, fashion and the windy terrain of the Highlands of Scotland where she spent many summers with her lover, the Duke of Westminster. In fact, the Duke’s Scottish wardrobe was the inspiration for many of Chanel’s classics such as the Chanel tweed jacket. This year’s 2013 Haut Couture designer handbag collection by Karl Lagerfeld pays tribute to Coco’s Chanel love of Scotland.

Designer Handbags

The Chanel designer handbags are not the only designer handbags on the market which pay tribute to this part of the British Isles. The Reid Courier Satchel exclusively created by our bespoke brand, PLIA Designs in soft buttery leather is inspired by the Scottish roots of the designer of the Reid Courier Satchel. So, if you want to keep up with this years Scottish catwalk trends, this handstitched Satchel is a perfect purchase. We know that New Years Eve has always been an important evening in the Scottish calendar and the smaller version of the Courier Reid Scatchel is the perfect designer handbag to ring in the New Year with.