Reid Courier Satchel
Muir Street Reid Queen Street Reid
$510.00 $637.00
Bell Street Reid Montrose Street Reid
$510.00 $510.00
Fox Street Reid
Fashion editors and style setters know that the go-to bespoke brand for a designer satchel is the PLIA Designs range. They particularly like the signature Reid Courier satchel, a courier satchel inspired by the Reids of Paisley, Scotland who later immigrated to North America. This style of designer handbags has a handsome sleek design with a focus on craftsmanship and beautiful Italian calf leather.

One of the best and most interesting things about the satchel is the fact that they contain not only good looks, but history as well. That is why we are so proud of what we have created. The leather satchels of today have transitioned from being simple bags to carry books with, to gorgeous fashion accessories. Our leather satchels were certainly inspired by our ancestors, but have clearly evolved to fit todayís current trends in an ever-changing fashion marketplace. Our satchels can come in bright colors or warm neutrals; stripes or solids; with colorblocking or without. The possibilities are truly endless.

You may remember our recent blog post about Wes Andersonís Oscar-winning film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. In the film, the characters frequently carried bags just like our Reid leather satchel, so it is clear that the fashion-forward look has made a resurgence in todayís popular culture. The satchels are not only popular in film, but also amongst trendsetters - everyday women who need a reliable, yet chic bag to wear to work, as well as fashion bloggers who create and push new trends forward into the public eye. And to be honest, if Mr. Anderson and his multiple-Oscar-winning costume designer approve, then so do we!

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