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Regrette Rien: Our New Parisian-Inspired iPhone Cases!

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Paris has fascinated the American psyche for centuries: from classical art, to film, to fashion, to photographs of the Eiffel Tower bought from IKEA to be hung up in dorm rooms, le gai Paree has always been symbolic of romanticism and adventure – which is just what we embody here at Plia Designs.

That is initially why we delved into the creation of phone cases, utilizing whimsical Parisian elements, like macarons, other delicacies, tiny purse dogs, and storybook characters. The look is old school without becoming kitsch, and truly our signature look. It’s clear that we’re obsessed with Paris (and more specifically, macarons) here, from our designs, to our articles about the clothes and macaron shoppe in The Grand Budapest Hotel (check it out – we reviewed it not too long ago). C’est vrai – we confess to a long-lasting and eternal love affair with the City of Light.

Paris is known for not only its fashion, but also its desserts, which is why we’re featuring macarons as well as whipped cream – an indulgence meant not only for our pies during the holidays or atop our favorite caffeinated beverage, but also on our electronics’ protective coverings! We brought the “Ispahan” and “St. Honore” to life with plenty of fluffy whipped cream and extra raspberries. We can just picture ourselves wandering the cobbled streets along La Seine, darting amongst street vendors and performers, holding our stylish iPhones up to our bejeweled ears.

The “Macarons” and the “Happy Macarons” cases are our classic design, and a noted Parisian look – imagine wandering the streets of Paris and gazing into famous delicacy shop windows at all of the macarons – the cost of which may empty your wallet, but will fill your stomach! And what’s a trip to Paris without a taste of pure heaven in the form of a macaron? It would not be worth the cost of the plane ticket, if you didn’t indulge.

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What’s more Parisian than tiny pups that you can fit into your  handbag? We feature the our own Westie puppy, Sophia, on two of our designs – the “Royal Westie,” in which the dog is wearing a purple crown (a true definition of royalty, if there ever was one), and the “Westie Besties,” where the cute canines are adorably floating away, macaron umbrellas and newspapers in hand!

Any true fashionista would love the look of our storybook-esque “Higgins” and “Harlie & Hannah Horton” cases! Take a walk down memory lane, and grab one of these today – perfect for all those #throwbackThursday Instagram photos! These two cases feature an anthropomorphic rabbit and hummingbirds, respectively. The bunny is dressed in a full outfit, complete with hat and glasses for accessories (even bunnies accessorize at Plia Designs!), and the hummingbirds don little hats – both designer iPhone cases garner a lovely, reminiscent feel.

You may not be able to justify a ticket to France today, but these cute designer iPhone cases can make any woman (or man) feel like they just stepped off their private jet, ready to hit the Paris Fashion Week shows. They’re durable, adorable, and work well with any outfit for any season. And who knows – you may just start your own fashion phenomenon by curating these one-of-a-kind designs for your phone “closet!” Snap one up today, and snap it onto the back of your iPhone 6 or 6s!