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Reid Small Courier Satchels

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When a fashionable chooses her handbag, she chooses herself. Whether realizing it or not, the accessories worn by any female tell the world who she really is. Some don’t mind being seen as conservative, or god-forbid, simple.  Others need to make a statement.  A statement of character.  They need to say with clear voice, “I am valuable.”

Style and color are two slogans to memorize when buying a handbag.  The Reid Small Courier Satchel certainly doesn’t lack style, and it could give lessons on color.  Fashion began as a statement, and for owners of this satchel, that’s how it will remain. The history of the Reid silhouette is gallivant. Its designs come only from a manufacture who has experienced travel.  All designer handbags in the Small Reid Courier range draw their inspiration from Paisley, Scotland, and their confidence from the banks of the Ohio River.  Each one tells a story. While a fashion novice may see a handbag with a blueberry leather exterior, an expert sees courage. With beauty comes functionality.  The two are no longer polar opposites in the modern world.  They are complimentary essentials.  A beautiful tool that is unable to do its job is hideous.  Fortunately the Reid Small Courier Satchels can. The bag itself comes in a small, compact size. The mix of Italian calf leather and faux leather provide the bag with it’s originality. It’s dustbag and detachable shoulder strap offer practicality. The designer handbag looks timeless, yet it is modern. Two of its pockets have been created to hold smartphones. It allows choice.  It has a specific pocket made for holding an iPad.  And 3 different credit card slots. The Cadiz Street, the King Street, the Jester Street, and all other lines in this range serve to prove a point: the journey is just beginning.

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